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  • Fuller Craft Museum 455 Oak St Brockton, MA USA (map)

PLAYTIME IN THE MAKING is an art installation that honors play as a vital ingredient in the creative thinking process.  Artists Tommy Simpson, Karen LaFleur, Marlow Shami and musician Nancy Tucker, along with guest artists Jim Fawcett and Randy Gilman design an imaginary home for "play and creativity".  They bring to life fours stages of the creative process ( to begin, to experiment, to grow and to share ) and present the viewer with a visual puzzle of...the more you look the more you see.  PLAYTIME IN THE MAKING inspires the viewer to use their power of imagination to make visual connections and in doing so highlights the notion...everyone is creative.

PLAYTIME IN THE MAKING combines artwork, writing, music and animation

DATE:  May 19th - Sept 16th, 2018

LOCATION :   FULLER CRAFT MUSEUM                                                                                         .                                  455 Oak Street, Brockton, MA 02301  • Phone: 508.588.6000

RECEPTION:  Sunday,  May 20th, 2018,  2-5pm

PRESENTATION:  Sunday May 20th, 2018,  3pm