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"Artworks like these operate on several levels and require several passes before they begin to unlock their secrets, graphic, or otherwise. This is work best spent time with, and like the best books, they remain wonderfully open ended."  

Andre Van Der Wende, Cape Cod Time




SUDDEN FICTION  blends poetry and prose.  It  contains approximately 750 words or less and begins at a moment of crisis, has few characters, speaks with immediacy and highlights a pivotal moment.


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ENCHANTED WHISPERS ©•                  Manuscript and Art Exhibition

Enchanted Whispers is a collection of fairy tale inspired artworks and sudden fictions by Karen LaFleur.  Each story is based on a loose reading of an early fairy tale and then combined with visual elements of the graphic novel and picture book.


WINGS OF LYCAEIDES ©•               Manuscript, Art Exhibition, and Visual Narrative

Wings of Lycaeides is a visual blend of the picture book and graphic novel by Karen LaFleur.  With the loss of her wings a young dancer descends into a shadow-land hidden behind the walls of the Hive she calls home.  Lurking in narrow passageways, living-nightmares and unforeseen deceptions, force Lycaeides to navigate a maze of unfamiliar challenges and to confront her greatest enemy - the fear of "believing in one's self."

Katherine ( Page 1 of 9 ), LaFleur©


NIGHT DRIVING © •                          Manuscript and Art Exhibition

Night Driving  is a collection of sudden fiction and artwork by Karen LaFleur.  The book contains women's voices that speaks to the notion of "awareness"; the idea that if you trust what your inner voice is capable of knowing, then the act of being alive will be that much greater.


GIFTED THINKERS ©•                        Manuscript and Art Exhibition

Gifted Thinkers contains artwork, portraits, biographies by Karen LaFleur that celebrates women who contributed to the early days of science and intellectual inquiry but who were equally talented in the arts.  Beatrice Potter, Caroline Hershel, and Sybilla Merian name a few.